Center Stage Dance

News and Notes:

Classes are back in session from Thanksgiving break on December 1st

Christmas Break is December 21st - January 4th

The first lessons in December are watch week:  Come see what we have learned!

The last lessons before Christmas break (December 15th - 18th) students will can wear their pajamas.  Make sure they can still dance in their pajamas as the lesson will continue as normal.


Weather Cancellations:

In the event that we need to close due to weather there are several ways that you will be notified or can find the status of your classes for the evening.  We do not always follow school closings as sometimes the roads are clear and the weather has ended by the time dance is ready to start in the evening.  As always, please make your own informed decision on whether you come or not.  We understand that conditions in Nevada may not be the same conditions in other parts of the county.

Weather related closings will be announced:
On Facebook and Twitter
On our voicemail on the studio number (515-382-4877)
Your e-mail (make sure your e-mail is current that you provided at registration)
A sign will be posted on the door at the studio
News media such as KCCI, WHO, WOI, etc…

We will not call or text you about weather cancellations.  
If the weather is questionable at all please check the above resources before driving to the studio. 

Any other cancellations, such as instructor illness or other unforeseen issues, you will be called or texted, in addition to the above resources.

If you get to the studio and find the door locked and you are not aware of any reason that class has been cancelled, please knock or call the studio number.  Sometimes the lock gets bumped or a child plays with it and we don’t realize it. 
Please don’t assume we are closed, we will never close without notifying you.

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