Center Stage Dance

Assigned times for pictures on Sunday April 17th at the studio are below


Pictures are in no way a required purchase, but regardless of whether you are purchasing a picture or not we would appreciate everyone’s effort to be at the group pictures so the studio and those purchasing the pictures can have the complete class in the photos.


Tights are required for everyone.  We have all shades of tights to match all skin tones.


Shoes are required for everyone.  Here are the class requirements:

Tap classes – Black tap shoes                                              Ballet classes – Pink leather or canvas ballets

                 Jazz/Hip Hop/Lyrical classes – Tan jazz shoes                     Tumbling classes – White acro shoes


*  If you cannot make pictures please let us know in the office so we aren’t waiting on you.  If you cannot make your group time, but can make another time during the day for individuals, feel free to stop in anytime between 10:00 and 5:30 for an individual picture.


*  You may style your child’s hair however you want for picture day; we just ask that we can see their face.  Make-up is optional, it will help them not looked washed out, but again it is not required and it does not need to be heavy if you do use it…. just enhance their natural look!


*  If your child has multiple costumes within a class (Seniors and Juniors) please be sure to make a note as to which costume you want an individual of on your order form.


*  Pictures will not wait on you, please arrive a few minutes early ready to go.  Do not bring extra people or children with you to pictures if that is possible for you.  It will be very crowded already.  No one will be allowed in the picture area other than the students and studio staff.


*  Each family will receive one envelope order form and then as many paper copies as you need for pictures.  You only need to write one check for all the pictures you are purchasing (put the check/cash in the envelope).  You need one order form for every costume/class you are getting pictures in.  Please have your envelope/picture sheets already filled out and ready to go before you come for pictures.


For your reference the dates/times in the parenthesis are your normal class times.  The time on the left is the time your picture session will start on Sunday April 17th.


Please bring all parts of your costume(s), including tights and shoes, to pictures!


10:00:  Seniors:  1st:  Ballet/Lyrical (black dress, shortall, pink ballets)

                            2nd:  Tap (Tank top, gold jacket, black taps, black leggings)

                            3rd:  Opening (black leggings, camo tank top, black jazz shoes)

                            4th:  Jazz (shortall, burgundy jacket, hat, tan jazz shoes)


10:40  Jazlyn, Jessica, Kyla, Sierra solos

           Graduating Senior:  Prom dress (if you want to)

           Senior class competition team



11:00:  Staff:  Including teachers, assistant teachers, teachers in training, student helpers, and all staff:  Dress Clothes

                                Headshots:  Katie, Taylor, Leah, anyone that wants a new one


11:15:  Subteens (Wednesday @ 5:00)

            Pointe (All levels)

          Juniors: 1st:  Leotard, shorts, jazz shoes and tap shoes (not sure which shoes you will wear yet so bring both
     2nd: Leotard, skirt, ballet shoes


12:00:  Advanced Tumbling (Tuesday @ 7:50)

            Intermediate Tap (Monday @ 7:20)

            Makayla solo


12:30:  Me & My Girls – Kacey’s Jazz Competition group

            Boogie Shoes – Audrey’s Acro Competition group


12:45:  Intermediate Tumbling (Monday @ 6:50) 


1:00:  Beginning Tap (Monday @ 6:30)


1:20: Lyrical (Tuesday @ 6:40)


1:40: Intermediate Jazz/Hip Hop(Tuesday @ 6:20)

          Ice Cream Man – Emmy’s Jazz Competition Duo


2:00: Pom (Tuesday @ 6:00)


2:20: Beginning Jazz/Hip Hop (Tuesday @ 5:40)


2:50: 7-9 year old Tap and Ballet (Thursday @ 6:00):


3:10: Beginning Tumbling (Thursday @ 5:30)


3:30: 5-6 year old Tap and Ballet (Thursday @ 5:00)

         Dodson Trio


4:00: Beginning Tumbling (Monday @ 6:00): 


4:20: 5-6 year old Tap and Ballet (Monday @ 5:30)


4:40:  Tiny Tumbling (Monday @ 5:00)


5:00:  Pre-Ballet (Monday @ 4:30)


5:20:  Pre-Ballet (Wednesday @ 5:45)


5:40:  Tiny Tumbling (Wednesday @ 6:15)


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